Old work

Here is just some old work that I’m quite round of!

My portrait of Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine whom I love. Her music is my prefect music.

An old painting I did of me and my boyfriend for him as a present. Its quite old my hair is much longer than that now! But I’m proud of it because I got his likeness really well which I find hard to do with paint.

Self portrait, unfinished, again really old because of the short hair!


An image I did after reading ‘the Birds’

The Birds


One of my new projects is called Plight. Where I have to pick something from real life, a real ‘plight’ and tell it from that perspective. It’s about I, not being me but being an Eye. Being able to illustrate an others story. I have decided I would like to try to tell the plight of the indigenous Sami culture through my illustration. I have always being kind of interested in Sami people and culture without really noticing, but an article in a magazine of which part of the cover you can see below inspired me to find out more about them and their way of life. Apart from being a peaceful people, whose life revolves around following the migration of the Reindeer across the top of Europe in the snow, are faced with many prejudices about their culture and their way of life is threatened by dying out. I want to raise awareness of that.

Show Poster!!!

I have been picked to create the poster for my upcoming 2nd Year Illustration Show! The original design below of the tree is what I came up with especially for the show, but after speaking with my teachers they said that although it was imaginative it didn’t work very well as a poster, so they asked me to use an image I’d already done to create the poster by adding a font to it. They wanted to use my tower picture. I used a letter press to do the font now all I have to do is screen print it then it will be going up around Uni! I’m very excited. Below is the final poster as well as the two banners I made for the show website.

The Tower

For my latest brief I had to create a narrative from 12 random black and white images. Here is my first image.

Once in a snowy forest there was a tower. In the tower lived a man and his wife. The woman was not a prisoner, but for some reason, she never left. There was no love between them. The man only loved her like he loved his possessions, and he often threw grand parties in the tower so he could show off his possessions, including her, his most prized. The man knew is she ever left the tower, she would never return, and swore if that day ever came it would be her last on this earth. His wife was strange, unreadable, sometimes surprising, but so far had shown no desire to leave, so he was content.